The Alternative to Capitalism. Book Launch. Norwich UK 11th March, 1pm

Saturday 11th March at 1pm. Space Studios, 5 Swan Lane, Norwich, NR2 1HZ. UK

This is an event to publicise the relaunch of Theory And Practice, a small scale radical book publishing project based in Norwich, UK. Current titles can be viewed at

Adam Buick will be talking about the ideas in his book "The Alternative To Capitalism". There will be a question and answer session with free tea and biscuits provided. All Theory And Practice books, including "The Alternative To Capitalism" will be available at a 50% discount.

Adam Buick is a prominent London-based socialist. He was born in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales and graduated from the University of Oxford. He is a frequent public speaker for the SPGB, and is the all-time most prolific contributor to the Socialist Standard. His writings on socialist theory have been widely referenced and critiqued in the leftist press and in scholarly journals.

“This slim volume accurately describes some of Marx's basic precepts - the labour theory of value, the commodification of production, the development money and exchange economies, the formation of classes and class struggle [...] the authors [...] do, raise some interesting points regarding socialism and capitalism. The two are regarded as being mutually exclusive, which is probably correct, especially so in the age of globalization. [...] where do you go from here as regards politics. The authors' answer is unequivocal: the full programme of socialism. A moneyless, stateless, classless society based upon the production of use-values rather than exchange-value, and from each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her needs. And moreover this programme to be carried out at a global level. To their credit the authors take some time detailing the everyday and administrative nuts and bolts of such a new order so cannot be accused of simply slogan-mongering and bluster. [...] the ideas and views put forward in the book offer a very challenging read, and it is perhaps significant that publications of this sort are now beginning to make an appearance. More power to their elbow.” - Chartist, Jan/Feb 2014

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