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New video: Realism and Utopia

Realism and utopia are often seen as opposite poles. Realism, it is thought, is concerned with what is and utopia is concerned with our wishes about what we would like to be. However, once we fully examine the issue we can see that this way of thinking is mistaken. A properly developed critical theory needs to be both fully realistic and fully utopian.

Bookstall this Saturday in Norwich

Hello all,

Theory and Practice will be having a special one-off pop up bookstall this Saturday at Dream Space at Space Studios, 5 Swan Lane, Norwich, from 8pm.
We will have books and pamphlets from Theory and Practice, Active Distribution, PM Press and other radical publishers at special bookfair prices - cheaper than the internet.

Dream Space is a music event dedicated to ambient, experimental, electronic and drone music. More information here:

New Book! The Machine And Its Discontents: A Fredy Perlman Anthology

Out now from Theory and Practice:

– The only -ist name I respond to is “cellist.”

This anthology gathers together Perlman’s own writings on the 1968 worker-student uprisings in France, the US and Yugoslavia, his illuminating essays on capitalist social relations and Marx’s concept of ‘commodity fetishism’, criticisms of ‘revolutionary leaders’, critiques of left nationalism, and concludes with a questioning of the Western notions of ‘civilisation’ and ‘progress’. Many of these texts have been out of print for some time.

Norwich Anarchist Bookfair. Sunday 6th May, 2pm at Bedford’s Crypt, Bedford Street, Norwich.


Theory and Practice will be having a stall at Norwich Anarchist Bookfair tomorrow from 2pm. The full address is: Bedford’s Crypt, Bedford Street, 1 Old Post Office Yard, Norwich, NR2 1SL.

More information here:

"Anarchism in the Russian Revolution", Norwich UK, 21st October 2017

"Anarchism in the Russian Revolution", Norwich UK, 21st October 2017
21st October, 7pm. The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, 10 Dereham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AY.

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the ‘October Revolution’, where the Bolsheviks seized control of a popular uprising, there can still be found those who celebrate the events as a victory of ‘workers control’. This meeting will explore the role played by anarchists in the Russian revolution and the illusions propagated by the Bolsheviks.

Talks - Video - Discussion.

Peter Gelderloos "Worshiping Power" book tour, Norwich, UK

Dear friends,

I'm sharing details of this event put on by DIT Collective on the 21st June, 7pm at The Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place, NR2 2SA, Norwich, Norfolk.

Peter Gelderloos is coming to Norwich as part of a UK speaking tour for his recent book, Worshiping Power. We're excited to be able to help make this happen in our city.

"Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation


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