Book cover - The Alternative To Capitalism

The Alternative To Capitalism

By Adam Buick and John Crump Capitalism is an exchange economy in which most wealth, from ordinary consumer goods to vast industrial plants and other producer goods, takes the form of commodities, or items of wealth that have been produced with a view to sale on a market. Although states have intervened in capitalism ever […]

Book cover - The Joy Of Revolution

The Joy Of Revolution

By Ken Knabb. In this book Ken Knabb presents a series of observations on the problems and possibilities of a global anti-hierarchical revolution. Beginning with a brief overview of the failure of Bolshevism and the inadequacy of reformism, he examines the pros and cons of a wide range of radical tactics, then concludes with some

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Book cover - The Kronstadt Uprising

The Kronstadt Uprising

By Ida Mett with introduction by Murray Bookchin On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the ‘October Revolution’, where the Bolsheviks seized control of a popular uprising, there can still be found those who celebrate the events as a victory of ‘workers control’. Ida Mett’s account was among the first to expose such illusions.

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Book cover - Clans and Clearance

Clans and Clearance. The Highland Clearances Volume One

If you go to the Scottish Highlands now, you will find many valleys almost without people. Yet we know from history and archaeology that many people lived in the Highlands for thousands of years. What happened? Between about 1740 and 1900, the Highland landlords decided to clear out the people, and establish great sheep farms

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